Korcula: Your Perfect Croatia Base

Korcula: Your Perfect Croatia Base

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Discover why Korcula is the best decision for your base location, while traveling to Croatia.

While both the north and south Adriatic Coasts have their own charm, I found the southern region to be particularly captivating. The water quality there is simply incomparable, with mesmerizing turquoise hues that can't be matched. I learned that the sea current, flowing from the south to the north, gradually affects the water quality, making the north less appealing in comparison. The colors of the southern coast are a sight to behold.

Although the Dalmatian coast, as a whole, is charming, the real highlights are the islands. It seems like everyone who travels along the coast migrates to the islands, considering them the pinnacle of their vacations.

When speaking with locals in Split I find out that the top three islands to visit are Brac, Hvar, and, especially, Korcula.

What makes Korcula so special? Well, it's like a mini Dubrovnik with its own unique character. The island is incredibly lush and green, and its beaches are the best among the islands.

Let's delve into the pros and cons of each island, based on my personal experiences:

- Brac is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, providing the perfect setting for activities like kite-surfing, wind-surfing, and lazy beach lounging. It's an ideal destination for those who are young at heart and seek adventurous experiences.

- Hvar, apart from being renowned for its lavender fields that bloom in June, has charming streets, delightful cafes, and restaurants. It usually attracts the jet-set crowd, with luxurious yachts filling the harbor. Hvar is also famous for its vibrant party scene, particularly in Hvar town. However, if you crave a more peaceful and calm atmosphere, there are other secluded bays to explore around Hvar Island. If the luxury showcase of Croatian Saint Tropez isn't your cup of tea, consider seeking tranquillity in other peaceful bays or embark on an adventure to the most captivating island of them all—Korcula.

- Korcula Island itself is a paradise adorned with pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. You'll be captivated by stunning beach spots like Zitna Bay, Pupnatska luka, Bacva Bay, and the sandy beaches in Lumbarda.

One thing that makes Korcula truly special is its gastronomic delights. The island boasts three Michelin-starred restaurantsLesic Dimitri, Mate, and Filippi—along with other delightful taverns. Personally my favourites are Aterina in Korcula town and Skafetin and Zure in Lumbarda.

Additionally, Korcula features a charming old town, reminiscent of a miniature Dubrovnik. In essence, a visit to Korcula offers a condensed version of the best that Croatia has to offer: outstanding gastronomy, charming and authentic villages like Lumbarda, medieval streets steeped in history, and the most beautiful beaches. Not to mention the lush green scenery and perfect vineyards scattered across the island.

Another great thing, by choosing Korcula as your base, is that you can conveniently explore nearby hotspots like Dubrovnik and Split on day trips with catamarans.

With my experience, traveling can be quite stressful when you're constantly packing, hopping between places, and catching different modes of transportation. It can easily become overwhelming. But by choosing Korcula as my base, I was able to avoid all that hassle. Instead, I enjoyed a more peaceful and leisurely journey.


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